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Items like Sacks or Boxes can have items that it shows in-game when you view details that represent the items you can obtain if you use or acquire the item. This defines those categories, and gives some insights into that data's source.


  • Schema Type: Definition
  • Type: object


Name Type Description
previewVendorHash Destiny.Definitions.DestinyVendorDefinition:integer:uint32 If the preview data is derived from a fake "Preview" Vendor, this will be the hash identifier for the DestinyVendorDefinition of that fake vendor.
previewActionString string If the preview has an associated action (like "Open"), this will be the localized string for that action.
derivedItemCategories DestinyDerivedItemCategoryDefinition:Definition[] This is a list of the items being previewed, categorized in the same way as they are in the preview UI.


    // Type: Destiny.Definitions.DestinyVendorDefinition:integer:uint32
    "previewVendorHash": 0,
    // Type: string
    "previewActionString": "",
    // Type: DestinyDerivedItemCategoryDefinition:Definition[]
    "derivedItemCategories": [
       // Type: DestinyDerivedItemCategoryDefinition:Definition
            // Type: string
            "categoryDescription": "",
            // Type: DestinyDerivedItemDefinition:Definition[]
            "items": [
               // Type: DestinyDerivedItemDefinition:Definition
                    // Type: integer:uint32:nullable
                    "itemHash": 0,
                    // Type: string
                    "itemName": "",
                    // Type: string
                    "itemDetail": "",
                    // Type: string
                    "itemDescription": "",
                    // Type: string
                    "iconPath": "",
                    // Type: integer:int32
                    "vendorItemIndex": 0