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The definition for an "inventory flyout": a UI screen where we show you part of an otherwise hidden vendor inventory: like the Vault inventory buckets.


  • Schema Type: Definition
  • Type: object


Name Type Description
lockedDescription string If the flyout is locked, this is the reason why.
displayProperties DestinyDisplayPropertiesDefinition:Definition The title and other common properties of the flyout.
buckets DestinyVendorInventoryFlyoutBucketDefinition:Definition[] A list of inventory buckets and other metadata to show on the screen.
flyoutId integer:uint32 An identifier for the flyout, in case anything else needs to refer to them.
suppressNewness boolean If this is true, don't show any of the glistening "this is a new item" UI elements, like we show on the inventory items themselves in in-game UI.


    // Type: string
    "lockedDescription": "",
    // Type: DestinyDisplayPropertiesDefinition:Definition
    "displayProperties": {},
    // Type: DestinyVendorInventoryFlyoutBucketDefinition:Definition[]
    "buckets": [
       // Type: DestinyVendorInventoryFlyoutBucketDefinition:Definition
            // Type: boolean
            "collapsible": false,
            // Type: Destiny.Definitions.DestinyInventoryBucketDefinition:integer:uint32
            "inventoryBucketHash": 0,
            // Type: DestinyItemSortType:Enum
            "sortItemsBy": {}
    // Type: integer:uint32
    "flyoutId": 0,
    // Type: boolean
    "suppressNewness": false