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This component contains essential/summary information about the vendor.


  • Schema Type: Class
  • Type: object
  • Component Type Dependency: Vendors


Name Type Description
vendorHash Destiny.Definitions.DestinyVendorDefinition:integer:uint32 The unique identifier for the vendor. Use it to look up their DestinyVendorDefinition.
nextRefreshDate string:date-time The date when this vendor's inventory will next rotate/refresh.
enabled boolean If True, the Vendor is currently accessible. If False, they may not actually be visible in the world at the moment.
canPurchase boolean If True, you can purchase from the Vendor. Theoretically, Vendors can be restricted from selling items. In practice, none do that (yet?).
progression DestinyProgression If the Vendor has a related Reputation, this is the Progression data that represents the character's Reputation level with this Vendor.


    // Type: Destiny.Definitions.DestinyVendorDefinition:integer:uint32
    "vendorHash": 0,
    // Type: string:date-time
    "nextRefreshDate": "",
    // Type: boolean
    "enabled": false,
    // Type: boolean
    "canPurchase": false,
    // Type: DestinyProgression
    "progression": {}