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  • Schema Type: Enum
  • Type: integer
  • Format: int32

Enum Values

Identifier Value Description
None 0  
Count 1 Indicates the statistic is a simple count of something.
PerGame 2 Indicates the statistic is a per game average.
Seconds 3 Indicates the number of seconds
Points 4 Indicates the number of points earned
Team 5 Values represents a team ID
Distance 6 Values represents a distance (units to-be-determined)
Percent 7 Ratio represented as a whole value from 0 to 100.
Ratio 8 Ratio of something, shown with decimal places
Boolean 9 True or false
WeaponType 10 The stat is actually a weapon type.
Standing 11 Indicates victory, defeat, or something in between.
Milliseconds 12 Number of milliseconds some event spanned. For example, race time, or lap time.
CompletionReason 13 The value is a enumeration of the Completion Reason type.