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The response contract for GetDestinyCharacter, with components that can be returned for character and item-level data.


  • Schema Type: Class
  • Type: object


Name Type Description
inventory SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyInventoryComponent The character-level non-equipped inventory items. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterInventories
character SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyCharacterComponent Base information about the character in question. COMPONENT TYPE: Characters
progressions SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyCharacterProgressionComponent Character progression data, including Milestones. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterProgressions
renderData SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyCharacterRenderComponent Character rendering data - a minimal set of information about equipment and dyes used for rendering. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterRenderData
activities SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyCharacterActivitiesComponent Activity data - info about current activities available to the player. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterActivities
equipment SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyInventoryComponent Equipped items on the character. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterEquipment
kiosks SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyKiosksComponent Items available from Kiosks that are available to this specific character. COMPONENT TYPE: Kiosks
itemComponents DestinyItemComponentSetOfint64 The set of components belonging to the player's instanced items. COMPONENT TYPE: [See inside the DestinyItemComponentSet contract for component types.]


    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyInventoryComponent
    "inventory": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyCharacterComponent
    "character": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyCharacterProgressionComponent
    "progressions": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyCharacterRenderComponent
    "renderData": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyCharacterActivitiesComponent
    "activities": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyInventoryComponent
    "equipment": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyKiosksComponent
    "kiosks": {},
    // Type: DestinyItemComponentSetOfint64
    "itemComponents": {}