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The response object for retrieving an individual instanced item. None of these components are relevant for an item that doesn't have an "itemInstanceId": for those, get your information from the DestinyInventoryDefinition.


  • Schema Type: Class
  • Type: object


Name Type Description
characterId integer:int64:nullable If the item is on a character, this will return the ID of the character that is holding the item.
item SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemComponent Common data for the item relevant to its non-instanced properties. COMPONENT TYPE: ItemCommonData
instance SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemInstanceComponent Basic instance data for the item. COMPONENT TYPE: ItemInstances
objectives SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemObjectivesComponent Information specifically about the item's objectives. COMPONENT TYPE: ItemObjectives
perks SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemPerksComponent Information specifically about the perks currently active on the item. COMPONENT TYPE: ItemPerks
renderData SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemRenderComponent Information about how to render the item in 3D. COMPONENT TYPE: ItemRenderData
stats SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemStatsComponent Information about the computed stats of the item: power, defense, etc... COMPONENT TYPE: ItemStats
talentGrid SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemTalentGridComponent Information about the talent grid attached to the item. Talent nodes can provide a variety of benefits and abilities, and in Destiny 2 are used almost exclusively for the character's "Builds". COMPONENT TYPE: ItemTalentGrids
sockets SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemSocketsComponent Information about the sockets of the item: which are currently active, what potential sockets you could have and the stats/abilities/perks you can gain from them. COMPONENT TYPE: ItemSockets


    // Type: integer:int64:nullable
    "characterId": 0,
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemComponent
    "item": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemInstanceComponent
    "instance": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemObjectivesComponent
    "objectives": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemPerksComponent
    "perks": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemRenderComponent
    "renderData": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemStatsComponent
    "stats": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemTalentGridComponent
    "talentGrid": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyItemSocketsComponent
    "sockets": {}