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The response for GetDestinyProfile, with components for character and item-level data.


  • Schema Type: Class
  • Type: object


Name Type Description
vendorReceipts SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyVendorReceiptsComponent Recent, refundable purchases you have made from vendors. When will you use it? Couldn't say... COMPONENT TYPE: VendorReceipts
profileInventory SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyInventoryComponent The profile-level inventory of the Destiny Profile. COMPONENT TYPE: ProfileInventories
profileCurrencies SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyInventoryComponent The profile-level currencies owned by the Destiny Profile. COMPONENT TYPE: ProfileCurrencies
profile SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyProfileComponent The basic information about the Destiny Profile (formerly "Account"). COMPONENT TYPE: Profiles
profileKiosks SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyKiosksComponent Items available from Kiosks that are available Profile-wide (i.e. across all characters) This component returns information about what Kiosk items are available to you on a Profile level. It is theoretically possible for Kiosks to have items gated by specific Character as well. If you ever have those, you will find them on the characterKiosks property. COMPONENT TYPE: Kiosks
characters DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyCharacterComponent Basic information about each character, keyed by the CharacterId. COMPONENT TYPE: Characters
characterInventories DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyInventoryComponent The character-level non-equipped inventory items, keyed by the Character's Id. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterInventories
characterProgressions DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyCharacterProgressionComponent Character-level progression data, keyed by the Character's Id. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterProgressions
characterRenderData DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyCharacterRenderComponent Character rendering data - a minimal set of info needed to render a character in 3D - keyed by the Character's Id. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterRenderData
characterActivities DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyCharacterActivitiesComponent Character activity data - the activities available to this character and its status, keyed by the Character's Id. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterActivities
characterEquipment DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyInventoryComponent The character's equipped items, keyed by the Character's Id. COMPONENT TYPE: CharacterEquipment
characterKiosks DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyKiosksComponent Items available from Kiosks that are available to a specific character as opposed to the account as a whole. It must be combined with data from the profileKiosks property to get a full picture of the character's available items to check out of a kiosk. This component returns information about what Kiosk items are available to you on a Character level. Usually, kiosk items will be earned for the entire Profile (all characters) at once. To find those, look in the profileKiosks property. COMPONENT TYPE: Kiosks
itemComponents DestinyItemComponentSetOfint64 Information about instanced items across all returned characters, keyed by the item's instance ID. COMPONENT TYPE: [See inside the DestinyItemComponentSet contract for component types.]


    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyVendorReceiptsComponent
    "vendorReceipts": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyInventoryComponent
    "profileInventory": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyInventoryComponent
    "profileCurrencies": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyProfileComponent
    "profile": {},
    // Type: SingleComponentResponseOfDestinyKiosksComponent
    "profileKiosks": {},
    // Type: DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyCharacterComponent
    "characters": {},
    // Type: DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyInventoryComponent
    "characterInventories": {},
    // Type: DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyCharacterProgressionComponent
    "characterProgressions": {},
    // Type: DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyCharacterRenderComponent
    "characterRenderData": {},
    // Type: DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyCharacterActivitiesComponent
    "characterActivities": {},
    // Type: DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyInventoryComponent
    "characterEquipment": {},
    // Type: DictionaryComponentResponseOfint64AndDestinyKiosksComponent
    "characterKiosks": {},
    // Type: DestinyItemComponentSetOfint64
    "itemComponents": {}