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  • Schema Type: Generic Class
  • Type: object


Name Type Description
results DestinyEntitySearchResultItem:Definition[]  
totalResults integer:int32  
hasMore boolean  
query PagedQuery  
replacementContinuationToken string  
useTotalResults boolean If useTotalResults is true, then totalResults represents an accurate count. If False, it does not, and may be estimated/only the size of the current page. Either way, you should probably always only trust hasMore. This is a long-held historical throwback to when we used to do paging with known total results. Those queries toasted our database, and we were left to hastily alter our endpoints and create backward- compatible shims, of which useTotalResults is one.


    // Type: DestinyEntitySearchResultItem:Definition[]
    "results": [
       // Type: DestinyEntitySearchResultItem:Definition
            // Type: integer:uint32
            "hash": 0,
            // Type: string
            "entityType": "",
            // Type: DestinyDisplayPropertiesDefinition:Definition
            "displayProperties": {},
            // Type: number:double
            "weight": 0
    // Type: integer:int32
    "totalResults": 0,
    // Type: boolean
    "hasMore": false,
    // Type: PagedQuery
    "query": {
        // Type: integer:int32
        "itemsPerPage": 0,
        // Type: integer:int32
        "currentPage": 0,
        // Type: string
        "requestContinuationToken": ""
    // Type: string
    "replacementContinuationToken": "",
    // Type: boolean
    "useTotalResults": false